Rottweiler Testimonials

Read DKV Rottweiler testimonials and see what our customers really think about DKV Rottweilers as a Rottweiler breeder, our phenomenal breeding stock, our Rottweilers for sale, our professional customer service, and their overall purchase experience with DKV Rottweilers.

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Tony Palma, NH USA

My family and I had never worked with a breeder prior to contacting DKV Rottweilers. Angel took a lot of time talking to me ensuring that the puppy he had to offer would be the correct fit for our family. It would have been very easy for him to have just sold us a dog. Instead he listened to what our needs were and, luckily, the last pup from the litter was going to be a perfect fit. My wife and I have 4 boys aging 5-10 years old. We also have a lab mix and a cat. We aren't looking for an "Alpha." We were looking for a pup with a good temperament to fit into our hectic family. And, as you can see, he is just that. Django is as sweet and friendly as they come. We are very grateful that Angel and Liz provided such a wonderful pup.

Sean Gray, SC USA

I can't reiterate enough how pleased and grateful I am for the opportunity to get cash from your family. More than a business, it's a passion for you guys and that's speaks volumes on your character. I was so impressed with the knowledge and understanding of the breed you both had and it made the experience all the more better. As angel said, word of mouth is much greater than any advertising could promote. Thank you both for welcoming me in to your home and for caring for your dogs even after I left. The follow up calls and emails prove its more than just selling the dogs, it's finding good compassionate owners as well. I appreciate that more than you could know. It gave me a sense of serenity and confidence at the same time. You have a beautiful home, well mannered children and all of that reflects on your dogs. Keep doing what your doing because IT'S WORKING!! God bless and I hope to see you both in the future!

Allers Family, GA USA

My dogs are looking at me. It is my favorite. At any given moment throughout the day I can glance up and see one of them pondering, head slightly tilted, one eyebrow raised. We have had Storm Shadow for over a year now, Rendi for around five months. It seems like we have had them longer because they are old souls. Storm wakes me up each morning by placing one paw gently on my arm as if to say “Excuse me, if you don’t mind I am ready for my breakfast now.” And why not, for he has most certainly earned it. He patrols the house at night splitting time between the foot of our bed and his spot under the ladder of my children’s bunk beds. Rendi is still in her crate in the kid’s room. They are a pack. They stick together. I don’t worry when my kids play outside. They are watched by my dogs and my dogs see everything. They are so very smart. We knew from the beginning, given their size, that our dogs would have to be well trained. They would have to calmly wait at doorways before entering, sit patiently while food was being placed in their bowls and be willing to let my children reach into their mouths for any reason, for who knows what kids are thinking. Not only is this doable with these dogs, it is our reality. They have been the stars of every training class they have graced. DKV Rottweilers produces some very fine dogs. They are healthy, smart, and attractive. Their worth far exceeds every penny we have spent and we cannot recommend them highly enough. Thanks DKV for walking a line of integrity in what you do. It has always been a pleasure doing business with you. Your dogs are part of our family. We love them so very much.

Brenda Zongker, KS USA

 Hello Liz and Angel, Its been quite a while since I've updated you on Kitana. She is as wonderful as ever, very much loved and very much a part of our family. We are inseparable... she is always at my side when not playing soccer with the kids. She steals the ball constantly and then soccer becomes the wonderful game of "chase me"! She was introduced to the baby ducks a month ago, and decided that they needed mothering... after she nudged and checked each of them she decided to lay down with them... she then took a nap while little ducks scurried around her. She is so gentle; well at least till a stranger arrives. I can always count on her to warn and protect us if necessary. I can truly say that I love this dog and would be lost without her... she is so understanding... those big brown eyes and her smile always makes me smile. I know that in about a year I will be wanting a puppy so that she can help me teach it to be like her. I know that you will help me choose the one that is perfect for us... your knowledge and understanding of the breed is mind boggling! Hope all is well with you and your family. Thank you again for sharing Kitana with us. Because of you, she is the magnificent dog that she is. 

Theresa Spinger, FL USA

I only hope that I do not start to cry because I could never express what a joy Magnum has been to our family. I never wanted a dog and now I am the one that rushes home to him, worries about him and loves him like one of my children. The people that stop me when I walk him can not get over how beautiful he is, how his markings are perfect and how sweet he is. He was professionally trained due to the fact that we have small children and they have friends over and we wanted him to be respectful of children. Not only does he love it when their friends come over but he wants to play with them. Yes, he is great with children and a great family dog but don't come to my door if Magnum doesn't know you because his instincts do kick in. He is not fond of the UPS man, lol. We can take a steak bone right out of Magnum's mouth without a problem. Our trainer told us that he is one of the smartest dogs she has trained. I recently met a man while walking Magnum and he fell in love with him, he comes over to see him. He has recently called you to possibly order a dog from you because he can see first hand what a wonderful job you do with your breeding. My neighbor has a Rottweiler and purchased her locally. What a difference in the dogs. We go to the same vet and my neighbor always makes jokes to our vet about breeding the two of them. My vet told me in confidence, "do not breed with Gypsy, she has an overbite, she is not pretty, her temperament is nothing like Magnum and she is not for Magnum's quality".

Stacy Stuart, FL USA

Sasha and Gunnar are doing very well. I can't believe Sasha is going to be 12 in December! She still looks great, and is active and as sweet as can be. Of course she's still Alpha-Girl, and occasionally has to put Gunnar in his place. She's smart as a whip! If Gunnar even attempts to do anything wrong (like get up on the counter) she's on him immediately and pulls him down! She's amazing!!! Gunnar is always testing his bravado. He's shows his Rotti stubbornness when he makes up his mind about something, but he is a Mama's boy all in all - and a handsome one at that! He does well with hand signals, and never forgets a thing. His latest endeavor is to kill the automatic pool vacuum, as he is determined it's alive! If he liked the water, I'm sure he would have destroyed it by now. He has grabbed it a couple of times, almost landing both of us in the pool! Our vet is very pleased with their health and weights (especially Sasha, at her age), as they are not over weight, they're just right. Gunnar is a big hit with the girls that work there. They call him "Handsome" and fight over who is to take him for a walk. My next door neighbor (who is a German Shepherd lover) never liked or trusted Rottweilers. Well, he is absolutely in love with my 'kids'. He can't stop talking about how great they are, it's as if they are made of gold! I can't even tell you how many times I hear him brag about my dogs. I'm very fortunate to have him next door as he loves to come watch them when I'm out of town. Again, thank you for everything and best wishes to you and your family!