DKV Rottweilers

My name is Angel Gutierrez. I am a professional Rottweiler breeder, dog trainer, and dog handler. I began DKV Rottweilers (dkvrottweilers) 22+ years and I believe our Rottweiler kennel contains some of the best Rottweiler specimens in the US. 

I am married to my wife Liz. If you have ever send us an email, you were communicating with Liz. Liz is also DKV Rottweiler's website designer and photographer. We also have 3 sons named Angel, Carlos, and Hector. Our sons have all been raised with Rottweilers since birth. They do help with daily kennel duties as well as socialization and training.

Thank you for visiting DKV Rottweiler's home on the web. We look forward to meeting you in person.

Our Home

We started our DKV Rottweiler kennel in Florida USA. As our city began to grow we decided to relocate to the country in central Georgia USA to give our Rottweilers a better life. Here in GA we have 5 acres of cleared land for our Rottweilers to enjoy. We are centerally located and have easy access to the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This allows us to offer shipping anywhere in the USA with ease. We are a licensed kennel and are inspected by the state and the American Kennel Club.

Our Kennel

DKV Rottweilers kennel is situated on five acres of open land. There are two 40X60 play runs for our younger dogs to play in safely and securely. We have a custom built pavilion to provide plenty of shade for our kennels. Our individual kennels are built from heavy duty steel and provide a safe and secure area for our Rottweilers. Our kennels are placed on a large concrete slab with custom drains allowing for a clean and sanitary environment. The back of our property is surrounded by large trees providing a nice buffer from neighbors and reduces any noise.